Level 1

Don’t know anything about yoga? Looking to refine your existing practice? Recovering from an injury? This class is for you. You will be guided through the classic Yoga postures with emphasis on aligning your body to help open places that feel tight, and breathing practices to increase your energy and stamina. Small classes provide individual attention. All levels and abilities welcome.

Mixed Levels

This class is designed for all students of yoga who are in good physical health. Class will begin with a variety of warm ups  followed by a flow of standing, seated and supine postures. This practice is designed to build stamina, balance, strength and flexibility while focusing on the breath. A variety of postures are practiced with detailed instruction paying close attention to proper alignment. Each class is unique with an emphasis on mind and body awareness and will conclude with a 10-minute Savasana so you leave feeling balanced and energized.  Teachers are able to differentiate instruction through the use of props and assists.

Rest-Restore-Renew Yoga

These soothing and well-supported poses offer us the opportunity to linger quietly for a few moments and savor the simple sweetness of life. Class will begin with gentle movement before settling into a restorative pose or practice. A little stretching will warm the muscles and create space in the body to prepare it for relaxation. Movement will also give your body a chance to shed its restlessness and activity before settling into a place of stillness. Restorative postures are deeply supported by blankets, blocks, or other props and are held for 10- 15 minutes at a time. This practice has the ability to leave you feeling nourished and well rested.

Yin Yang Meditation

“YIN-YANG” is a combination of an active flow and yin yoga. A blend of yang/yin; the first portion of class will be active to increase the heat and flexibility in the body, and is then followed with the cooling stillness of yin postures to achieve balance.  A slower-paced flow through sun salutations and standing postures, followed with the passive holds of yin to target joints, connective tissues and fascia. Yin poses are floor based and supported with props to create as little effort while holding for 2-5 minutes. Following the class there will be a guided meditation.

Gentle Yoga

These classes are geared for new students and/or students who enjoy a slow and mindful practice.  The class begins with breathing awareness and supine postures to warm up the body.  Students move into a variety of postures emphasizing core awareness and strengthening.  The class ends with a restorative relaxation.  All ages and body types are welcome.